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Reveal your wp posts only if visitors share them on social networks

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If you’d like getting something in return for all those precious posts you publish on your blog, but avoid charging for them, you can use this light, fast and free WordPress plugin called Social Share Motivator.

Social Share Motivator urges your visitors to share your site on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, in order to enjoy unhindered access.

The plugin ‘locks’ your pages, obscuring the content, until your visitors share a page in Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Then all of the site becomes available. The plugin includes an option to have a small “Close” button on the Share prompt, if you prefer to allow more freedom of choice.

Social Share Motivator lets you decide what to be shared on social networks, the particular page that a visitor opens, or a single (always the same) page you can explicitly define. It also lets you select if the Share prompt appears on pages, posts, archives…, even only on specific pages or posts you can define, leaving the rest of your site free as before. Or the opposite, you can have all your site ‘locked’ and define only a few pages that would open immediately, such as your contact page, for example. You can also write yourself whatever message appears to your visitors.

Social Share Motivator is flexible enough, since it lets you choose between an aggressive “share or leave” policy, and a strong but not full-force urge.

Note that a ‘locked’ site is still visible to search engines, and is not really locked even to visitors, since the Esc key can always close the Share prompt.

Social Share Motivator

See the Motivator in action at Bill Gates Windows.

To install the plugin download the zip archive anywhere on your PC and drag and drop it to the Add New Plugin > Upload page of your WordPress admin section (usually at yourdomain/wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload).

Social Share Motivator PAD (XML) file

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