If eMule keeps sharing an old Incoming directory

You may face this situation with eMule. After you move it to a new location in the same or a different disk, having reconfigured the addresses for Incoming, Temporary and Shared directories, an old Incoming directory may still appear as being Shared. If you delete this directory from your disk, eMule will create it and will keep sharing it, although it is empty.

There is nothing you can change in the GUI Preferences of eMule to prevent this ghost Incoming folder from being created and recreated each time eMule starts.

Go to the folder where eMule keeps its preferences, a config folder inside the folder where the executable of eMule is located (if you have decided so at Options > Advanced > Extended > Sharing eMule with other computer users) or at YourSystemDisk/ProgramData/eMule and locate a file called Category.ini

Open Category.ini with a simple text editor, such as the Windows Notepad. At the first section of this file, the [General] section you will see an “Incoming” variable which refers to the ghost folder. Change the address with your current Incoming folder and restart eMule.