Inject Sharing Power to Firefox

Socializer! for Firefox is a light and safe extension you may add to Firefox in order to enjoy the powerful Socializer! button on the navigation toolbar, to easily share any web page on (more than 30) top social networks, including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter…, by eMail, with Google Plus, even translate it automatically with Google Translator.

If you prefer to install it later, you can save the extension on your Desktop or elsewhere and then just drag and drop it on Firefox to install it.

You may need to give explicit permission in order to proceed with the installation and restart Firefox (your browsing session will be saved and restored by Firefox).

Since version 1.5 Socializer! will add its button automatically after you restart Firefox. Otherwise, after you install the extension right click on the toolbar of Firefox and select the CUSTOMIZE command. In the dialogue that Firefox pops up drag the Socializer! button and drop it in the toolbar of Firefox.

Socializer! for Firefox Whenever you are on a page you’d like to share on Facebook or other social networks, recommend it with Google plus, eMail it to a friend, even get automatically html (href) links, or translate it to a different language using Google Translator — just press the Socializer! button at the toolbar of Firefox. This will open the Socializer! Sharing Panel to let you choose a service.

If you don’t use Firefox: you can enjoy similar functionality on Google Chrome with the Socializer! Chrome Extension, on Internet Explorer, or on any other major browser using the Socializer! Bookmarklet  —  and: if you own yourself a web site or blog, get also the Socializer! plugin for WordPress or the universal JavaScript Edition that works with any web platform, to help visitors of your pages share them.

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