Rename files from Greek to Greeklish with GrNamer

GrNamer (ex Gr2Grklish) is a free and small utility that will convert all or selected file names in a folder from Greek to Greeklish.

Greeklish comes from Greek and English, and is Greek written in Latin characters. It refers to informal practices of writing Greek text in environments where the use of the Greek alphabet is technically impossible or cumbersome, especially in electronic media. Since some applications may face problems when a file name is written in Greek characters, GrNamer will prove useful by converting automatically the Greek characters to Latin.

Note that GrNamer won’t change the tags in MP3 files, only file names. The exact correlation between Greek and Latin characters can be customized in the Settings of GrNamer. Other options: conversion to small letters, Capitalization of the first letter of each word (Title Case), Capitalization of only the first letter of the first word, deletion of double spaces.

GrNamer won’t change folder names, nor file names recursively, in several folders. Both of these limitations are serious, and you can overcome both of them if you use instead the Bulk Rename Utility with a Greek to Latin conversion list, able to work also on any file type recursively, changing folder names too.