YouTube video clips: link to specific parts with YouTube Exact

Sometimes we want our friends, colleagues, students… to watch specific parts of YouTube videos, perhaps only a couple of minutes or a few seconds inside a large movie. This is easy to achieve, with YouTube Exact, a free service that will let you generate a YouTube address featuring the precise part you need from a video clip, and then copy and send this address by eMail, paste it on Facebook, forums, web pages, etc, even use it to replace the address that YouTube generates for the Embed code.

Here is how YouTube Exact works. Let’s say that you have this video of Bill Gates’ interview, that includes a prologue you want to skip, then a talk about something else you want to skip, in order to send to your friends only this part where Gates speaks about how bad it would be for his kids to inherit all his gigantic fortune.

The whole interview is more than 9 minutes, and the part you need to refer to is only 23 seconds. Go to YouTube Exact and in the first field paste the v value of the YouTube video, in the case of Bill’s interview (which is at paste the numbers and letters after v, i.e. pMa480pAD5g

Then at the Start field paste the time (in seconds) when Gates starts speaking about his property and his kids (it is at 3:57. i.e. 237 seconds)

At the End field paste the time (in seconds) when he changes subject (it is at 4:20, i.e. 260 seconds)

You can add optionally more parameters in the field that follows, such as rel=0, if you don’t like YouTube to offer related videos after finishing yours. Then copy the address that results and paste it wherever you like, or even use this address to replace the address in the embed code that you have from YouTube. Note that you can use the Time in Seconds converter to convert YouTube (hours+min+sec) times easily to seconds.