Create documents after popular templates and mail merge, with Edi Text Editor

Edi is a free text editor that is also able to use Excel databases as a source of mail merge works. The program provides several templates you can use to start working, supporting also tables, images, links, spell checking and interface themes.

Edi saves your document in Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, OpenOffice or even image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG etc., and it can just mail your document even personalized using your default email app.

Templates contain fields you can use for variables you may need in your work. The program is also able to compress images you may use in your document, if you’d like to save space.

Of course Edi cannot compete with a monster processor like MS Word, but especially if you are interested in mail merge you may like to try it. A commercial version gives even more features, such as encrypted PDFs.

Download Edi