Search and Replace in muliple files in Unicode or any encoding with FNR Find and Replace Tool

Find and Replace is a portable free and convenient tool that lets you search multiple files in a folder and optionally its subfolders, to locate a keyword or a string, preview the results, and perform a replacement.

A nice feature of Find and Replace is that it supports regular expressions, command line arguments for power users, and case sensitive searches. It detects the files’ encoding automatically, but you can also choose explicitly what encoding you want it to use. Note also that you can have Find and Replace search for text that is distributed in multiple lines.

Unfortunately Find and Replace won’t create backups of the files it changes. Before you proceed with a replacement make sure you copy your folder to a different location just in case something goes wrong.

If you need a simple, working, portable, free and powerful enough search and replacement tool, FNR is a choice you may like to try.

Download Find and Replace Tool