Download Kalos Conjugator, to learn the Greek Verbs

Kalos is a free program with 3 related functions:

* A Classic Greek dictionary in three languages (English/Spanish/French).

* A Morphological analysis tool. Morphological analysis means finding out the dictionary form from an inflected form. For example, given πεπαιδευκα, an inflected form, the morphological analysis finds out that its dictionary form is παιδεύω.

* A generator of inflection charts. For example: it produces the full conjugation of any verb, or the full declension of any noun or adjective. The inflection of participles and infinitives is also given for all verbs.

The printable charts generated by Kalos can be exported into a variety of formats (.PDF, Excel, etc).

Kalos is created with love for learning Greek, it is a piece of work any student of Greek will appreciate. Congratulations to the author!

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