Mass delete Facebook posts from any years or months in your Profile

Facebook is notorious for the limited content management automation when it comes to deletions. To delete a range of posts you have to manually select them one by one! Fortunately there is this free Chrome extension that will let you delete with a single click all of your posts for a month or for a year.

There are some limitations though. Since Facebook won’t provide massive deletion options, the program has to simulate what you would do manually, which means that it deletes your posts one by one! It does it much faster than you and instead of you, but still it’s not a couple of minutes job. If you need to delete a lot of posts it may take hours to finish the job, but all this time you don’t even have to be there. It’s not an ideal solution, but it’s better than nothing, since manually you wouldn’t even think about deleting all those posts.

To delete a year’s posts, enter the Activity log > Posts section of your profile, click the extension icon, select the particular year and let the extension start deleting your posts. To delete posts of some months (not the whole year), you need to select each month, finish deletion of this month’s posts, then proceed to the next month, etc.

Note that you can use also filters to delete only posts containing (or not) particular keywords. You can perform a pre-scan to select manually what you like to delete. You can also hide or unhide posts instead of deleting them, you can even “unlike” items. You can adjust deletion speed, but maximum speed may leave some posts undeleted; default speed or the next level worked fine for me.

Download Social Book Post Manager