Mass copy, remove and search files and folders, with XXCOPY

XXCOPY is a free (for personal use) extended XCOPY, for IT professionals, a versatile file management tool for Windows, a command-line program (without graphical user interface).

XXCOPY has more than 230 command switches, making it ideal for batch files, for simple and complex scripting.

It can copy, remove, search, and list files/directories. Can clone a bootable drive.

Features: Accesses remote (networked) computer storage and local external USB drives * Command syntax compatible with Microsoft’s XCOPY with few exceptions * Competes with (supersedes) Microsoft’s RoboCopy * One download package contains both the 32-bit and 64-bit XXCOPY versions * Extremely rich in file-selection mechanism (by filedate, size, attrib, etc.) * Wild-Wildcard (specify a path with wildcard anywhere for any number of times) * Functions for Copy, List, Gather, Delete, Move, Flatten-Dir, and more .. * A very mature product (the first XXCOPY version was published in 1999).