Eliminate internet activity to hide your traces with Privacy Eraser

Privacy Eraser is a free and convenient app you can use to protect your privacy by eliminating all activity and passwords related with your internet sessions. A pro version just adds the option of safe deletion, in a way that even security experts won’t be able to retrieve the deleted data. If you are not that concerned about your traces, the free versions is more than enough.

Privacy Eraser deletes cookies, passwords, typed and followed internet addresses, cache, form data, recent documents, recycle bin, temporary files / folders, and more, and it supports all major browsers, from Edge and Chrome, to Firefox, Safari and Opera.

A nice feature of Privacy Eraser is the support of plugins able to perform similar cleaning for most popular applications, such as MS Office, Media Players, etc.

Make sure you use Privacy Eraser only when you need it, since all of these data are lost forever!

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