Windows Explorer jumps to the top of the file list after editings: a major annoyance

I don’t understand many of Microsoft’s choices, or even why they had to choose in the first place, instead of making things optional, ready to be customized according to user needs.

I’m organizing all these files, a very long list…, and each time I change a file (open it in some program, editing and saving it) or delete a file, the focus of Windows Explorer goes to the top of the list, so that pressing a keyboard arrow will highlight the second file inside the folder, making me waste a lot of time to locate again the position I was before.

Think about a text editor, Microsoft Word, for example, that would jump to the top of the  document each time you deleted or edited a sentence! This is madness, and its a shame that this madness comes from Microsoft. Unless they think that anyone who uses Windows Explorer is always with the hand on a mouse…

Fortunately the problem is solved in newer Windows. If you are still on 7 (not to say XP!), time to upgrade!