Batch copy, rename, watermark, crop, resize and more, with SunlitGreen BatchBlitz

BatchBlitz is one of the most simple but powerful programs you can use to apply watermarks or some adjustments or just copy several photos at once using smart filters. The program is portable, light and easy to use.

As you can guess SunlitGreen BatchBlitz lets you define your sources and a destination folder for modified or copied photos to be saved. If your destination is where current photos reside, you can overwrite them if you wish. A nice feature is that you can copy photos to a folder according to their dimensions or file names.

BatchBlitz lets you select (even with drag and drop) any number of photos to apply a watermark to them (text based or image based watermarks can be applied), change the images’ brightness, contrast, resize them, etc.

Even if you are not familiar with batch editors, you can play for half an hour with BatchBlitz to find you way and do what you’d like to do to enjoy your photos.

Download BatchBlitz