Export video parts and join clips, with Video Cutter Expert

Video Cutter Expert is a convenient and efficient application. It will let you even export more than one pieces (just press the “Add Clip” button.) For example, if there are more than one positions in the video with advertisements that should be cut, you should create more than one video clips.

You can join several video clips into one file or you can export separate video clips. Just check the “Join Clips” checkbox to join the video clips into one file. Almost all popular video formats such as MP4,WMV,FLV,AVI,MPEG,MOV,MKV,3GP,SWF and VOB are supported.

To split the video into parts, press the “Split in Parts” button on the toolbar. Then select “Split into Equal Parts” and enter the number of parts you want. To split the video into equal time length parts, press the “Split in Parts” button on the toolbar. Then select “Split by Time” and enter the desired time length for each part.

To apply a fade-in and fade-out effect on clips, mark the “Fade-In / Fade-Out” checkbox that is on the lower side of the screen. Then a new screen will be shown where you can enter the time length of the fade-in or fade-out effect in seconds. You can specify, in case you have clipped the video into more than one parts, if the effect will be applied to the whole video file or to each clip separately.

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