Perform text cleaning and several text transformations automatically, with CleanHaven

CleanHaven is a free program that will let you make the cleaning of text much easier. Just paste the text you want to clean into the main window. There is no limit to the amount of text that can be pasted. Set the attribute you want cleaned such as setting the text to Title Case. You can set multiple attributes. When you are ready press the Clean button – the converted text will appear in the Cleaned Results window. If the text has not changed the way you expected, change the attribute and click again the Clean button. Here is what the program is able to do:

Case (Title Case, Sentence Case, UPPERCASE, lowercase, random case, curly quotes), Sort order (ascending, case-sensitive, descending, random, reverse, numerical value), Duplicates (remove, only duplicates, only unique), Remove characters (excess returns, excess spaces, linefeeds, linefeeds to returns, non-ASCII, non-letters, non-numbers, periods, punctuation, returns, returns to linefeeds, spaces, tabs);

Personal (combine columns, combine paragraphs, email address to web URL, full name to first/last name, phone number format, salutation, UK postcodes), Info (only correctly-spelled words, only incorrectly-spelled words, original-spelling and result, ASCII, overall text information, value and frequency) and Find and Replace text.

If you want to make further changes to the changed text, click the Make Source button to pass the cleaned text back into the main window. Set more attributes and keep repeating as needed.