Store several copied texts and images to paste them later, with ClipAngel clipboard manager

ClipAngel is one of the best clipboard managers I’ve tried so far, a free program you really want to try if you are interested in re-using previously copied items or favorite clips.

The program is able to remember what you copy (Rich text, images, simple text or entire files as files) and paste it in several modes. ClipAngel’s interface features two panes with the clip list at the left and a preview at the right.

Another nice option is that of typing in order to locate an item. The clip list appears with a shortcut key (the default is Alt + V). An option I can’t live without is to keep some clips permanently as favorites. Note that favorites cannot be deleted. You have first to “downgrade” them to normal clips in order to delete them, which is a wise protection against accidental deletions.

ClipAngel is an impressive well working program you are going to appreciate if you need a clipboard manager.

Download ClipAngel