Convert ASP code to PHP, with Asp2php

If you are used to ASP scripting, feeling awkward when you see a line of PHP code, you will find Asp2Php, very useful. Asp2Php is a tiny utility that will help you convert an asp script to its php equivalent.

Asp2Php may misinterpret some parts, but most of the time it works; it will prepare for you a nice starting point to complete the conversion yourself. Of course, if you are absolutely unable to follow php code, you can not use Asp2Php, otherwise you will discover in it a nice helper.

You do not need a web server installed on your system to run this program; it converts text files written in asp / vbscript into text files written in PHP.

If you prefer to avoid command-line use, you can use a graphical interface to asp2php. In the included tool (jAPWG.conf) define the location of the asp2php executable. Then run jAPWG.jar to rock! Of course, you need to have already installed the Java Environment.