Query your monitor(s) directly and get infomation with Monitor Asset Manager

Monitor Asset Manager is a free (for personal use) Plug and Play utility that will gather information about your monitor(s). It is multi-monitor capable, and queries the monitor(s) directly instead of relying to potentially dubious information stored in the registry. Monitor Asset Manager provides detailed information on monitor color and timing features.

Users puzzled by the way Windows treats their monitors and high-definition display devices can gain insight into exactly what Plug-and-Play means: all the information provided by the display to the system is displayed in readable format.

This includes DPM and GTF/CVT support, color chromaticity values, native and recommended resolutions with exact timing parameters, as well as device minimum requirements and maximum limits, DisplayID structures, EIA/CEA-861 extension data for consumer electronics devices like HDTVs, queries for basic Monitor Command and Control (MCCS) information from DDC/CI compliant displays.

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