Open Dell Display Monitor tray menu with a keyboard shortcut

Dell Display Monitor is a very convenient application that will let you change basic screen settings, such as brightness and contrast, without having to use the buttons on your monitor.

However, there is an annoyance, that the program won’t offer a keyboard shortcut, so that each time you want to use it, you have to grab the mouse and click the tray icon.

I was disappointed with this, until I discovered that if you just run the application, as if it was not open, instead of opening a second instance or just doing nothing, DDM opens the tray menu!

Therefore, just choose a keyboard combination that is convenient for you, such as Ctrl+8 or whatever for the Dell Display Monitor shortcut located in your Start Menu, and each time you use this keyboard combination DDM will open its tray menu. After you make all your desired adjustments, press Alt+F4 to close this menu and return to your work.

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