Play SACD (Super Audio CD) and DSF files easily, with Foobar2000 Decoder Addon

Super Audio CD Decoder is a free Foobar2000 addon you can use to play easily super audio CDs (SACD), and also DS(DIF)F audio files.

To use the addon just install it in Foobar2000 (Components menu). Super Audio CD Decoder adds some options in Foobar2000 settings, you won’t have any problem to understand and use to enjoy the sound quality you prefer.

In case you are after pure high fidelity you may like to activate the ASIO mode of the addon, which bypasses the sound system of the OS.

Playing Super Audio CDs with this addon is easy whether you use a CD image or the CD itself. You may like also to learn how to convert SACD ISO images to MP3.

Download Super Audio CD Decoder