Manage Microsoft and MySQL databases with FreeSQL

FreeSQL is a free and easy to use utility, that will help you query and manage databases, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

Features: Connect to a database using profiles; Browse data – Select an object (table, view, synonym) and browse or edit the data; History – FreeSQL saves each query into a file so that it can be recalled later; Beautify query text – It is possible to beautify a single query, a single query contained in a script or a text selection (note that only SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE commands can be beautified for now); Execute query – If the box contains a sequence of queries (where each one is separated by slash ‘/’), you must position the cursor into any point of the query you want to execute (you can also select a part of the query, e.g. a subquery, and only the selected text will be interpreted); Specify parameters that FreeSQL will replace for you when the query is executed (when you run the query, a window will open for parameter replacement values);

Execute as script – with this option you can run a sequence of non SELECT queries, separated by slash ‘/’ (for example you can run with a single clic all of these statements: CREATE TABLE MYFRIENDS (ID NUMERIC(5), NAME VARCHAR(30)) / INSERT INTO MYFRIENDS VALUES(1,’JOHN’) / INSERT INTO MYFRIENDS VALUES(2,’MAGDA’) / INSERT INTO MYFRIENDS VALUES(3,’SUSY’) / ; Import an XML file or a TEXT file into a new table or into an existing table (if no table is selected this function will create a new one, without index and primary key; Export the results of a query in XML, CSV or flat text file format; Print the contents of the grid into your default browser; Drag a table, synonym or view into the text-area (with the Shift key pressed) to create a query for this object; Drag a field into the text-area to drop the complete field text (object name.field name);

If the Shift key is pressed when you drag a table, synonym or view, only the object name will be dropped; Altering data – FreeSQL must be executed with the -plus option, to activate the import function, commit menu, non SELECT and script statements (e. g. C:\FreeSql\Freesql.exe -plus); A SELECT query produces an output that can be modified into the grid – when you are ready to send your data to the database just confirm by clicking on Apply changes from the Commit menu – all other instructions (like INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) are auto-committed.

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