Synchronize videos and photos between your mobile devices, desktop computers and the Cloud, with PhotoSync Companion

PhotoSync Companion is a free, convenient, cross-platform and efficient program that will help you to connect your devices with the cloud and with each other to transfer videos and photos. Note that you can use devices from all major platforms, Windows, Android, Mac/iOS.

The program features a desktop window where you can drag and drop your files. If you don’t feel comfortable with drag and drop, you have also the option of a file browser. The opposite direction, from your mobile phone or tablet to your PC includes the option of letting the program decide automatically new folder names and open them for you when all your files have arrived at your desktop.

In Autotransfer mode PhotoSync tries to copy newer photos and videos to your computer or even to the Cloud when a Wi-Fi connection is available.

PhotoSync Companion is indeed flexible, and although it features a lot of options, it’s not difficult. The only problem that I find is that it works only with video and images, not audio, Word documents, zipped archives, or any other formats.

Download PhotoSync Companion