If your mouse cursor unexpectedly jumps to the corner of the screen!

What a mess! After I performed certain tasks, such as emptying the recycle bin, or opening this transparency dialogue of PhotoFiltre, my mouse cursor would jump by itself to the bottom right corner of the screen! I had to move it back to the centre to continue working!

Searching for help I realized this is a common problem, although not always with the exact same symptoms. In other cases the cursor would go to the upper left corner, etc. Several causes are mentioned, from certain apps running in the background, to faulty track-pads, etc.

I checked the software that is directly related with the mouse, the mouse driver as well as the application that lets me configure and customize my mouse. I even disabled the “Enhance pointer precision” option in the Mouse properties, something that helped other people… The cursor remained mad!

Then I thought that perhaps the problem came from this little old program that I use to auto click certain buttons the moment they appear on the screen. I disabled the auto click function for the confirmation dialogue that appears when I empty the recycle bin and the mouse now stay where it is!