Monitor Caps Lock, Num Lock status at the taskbar and with sounds

I have this great HP USB Premium Keyboard I enjoy hugely, but there is a problem: when I press Caps Lock I can’t see its little light shining, not only because it’s so little, but because it is placed right on the button, so that my hand covers it constantly when I type! If the light were at the right top corner of the keyboard as it normally is in other keyboards, most probably I wouldn’t face problems seeing when Caps Lock is pressed, accidentally or not. Fortunately there exists TrayStatus, a nice free app that places in the Windows taskbar icons representing Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock and a lot of other keys, which I’m not interested in, but you might be. Of course you can select whatever available icon to place at the taskbar. I have Caps Lock and Num Lock.

When you press one of the keys that are associated with Taskbar icons, their icons change status and you can see easily if these keys are pressed. You can also optionally have a notification popping up similar to notifications coming from other apps, at the bottom right corner. A pro (commercial) supports also sounds, but Windows supports that natively (Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard > Use Toggle Keys).

Windows sounds when you press Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock cannot be customized and they are not that nice. Fortunately there is another little freeware, 7Caps, that uses sounds to notify your when you press Num Lock or Caps Lock (it supports only these keys), it is able also to put icons in the taskbar and you can select the way your like, or both of them, icons and sounds. And you can customize the sounds choosing from your multimedia archives whatever you like.

Note also that 7Caps can put a widget on the destkop that you can drag and drop it anywhere you like to see better the status of Caps Lock and Num Lock. However, the widget appears also in the Alt+Tab sequence which is not that great. If you don’t like that, just don’t use the desktop widget and keep only the icons and sounds.

Download TrayStatus (supporting only icons, but more keys) and / or 7Caps (supporting also sounds, but only two keys)