Secretly log PC activity, from keys pressed to visited websites, with Free Keylogger

If for any reason you need to log PC activity, Free Keylogger may help. Note though that an experienced and suspicious user can bypass this program because its icon can be removed from the system tray but its process cannot be removed from the task manager.

To hide the program’s icon from the system tray, select the relevant option from the very icon’s system tray context menu. To access this menu again you need to use the program’s (customizable) keyboard shortcut.

Free Keylogger writes down any key pressed on the keyboard, applications used, clipboard content and websites that were visited, each of these producing a separate report you can examine.

The program is light, safe, efficient and free, which means you cannot ignore it if you need this functionality. Note though that a commercial version is able to deliver reports to your email address, if you don’t have direct access to the computer where the software is installed.

Download Free Keylogger