Monitor disk activity from the desktop with FloatLED

FloatLED is a free utility that will let you watch (internal or external) hard disk activity. Your regular drive LED on the PC box is only one, which means that you never know from what drive exactly comes the activity you watch. You need also to have the box of your PC before you in order to see this LED without effort, which is seldom the case.

FloatLED seats on your desktop, and you can customize its appearance (size and colors) and the number of drives it will monitor. It can monitor Physical SATA and IDE HD drives, Physical USB removable SATA / IDE HD drives.

It does NOT monitor CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drives, Removable USB Memory Sticks, SD memory cards and similar flash based disks, Network Drives, Floppy Drives, Virtual Drives.

It will show all drive letters as blinking icons simulating Read, Write or both at the same time. If you have 1 HD with 2 partitions, these will be shown as C & D for instance. Double clicking on a drive icon will open it in Windows Explorer.