Share files of any type on line and chat, using Ares

Ares is a free program (but with bundled software you should be cautious to avoid upon installation), that can help you share files of any type. You can imagine Ares as a lighter and easier to use version of eMule, with a disadvantage, that in general it will let you find much less resources than what you would find with eMule.

As you would expect you can perform all inclusive searches or limit your searches to audio, video, etc. An “advanced” mode lets you use criteria such as resolution, author, etc. Contrary to what you expect from torrent clients or eMule, Ares can be a little slow in displaying search results.

Ares “library” lets you manage your files according to type. You can also preview files you download before they are finished. And of course you can chat with other people, a feature already known and used in clients such as eMule.

Ares is an easy to use application, with rather limited abilities, not to mention the aggressive promotion of other software upon installation. Since it is free, you’ve nothing to lose if you’d like to give it a try. Just be careful to skip offers for other software upon installation.

Download Ares