How to replicate folder structures with Freac audio converter

Freac audio converter is reliable and powerful, and also famous for its inconvenience. The program is able to keep folder structure when it converts an audio collection, but you cannot do it by just activating an option in the preferences!

Here is what you need to do if you want to convert your audio files and have the output organized in the exact same folder structure as your source.

In Freac, go to Options > General settings > Encoders. Select your encoder, e.g. Lame MP3, and define the output folder. Right below that, in the textbox named “Output filenames” you see a pattern, such as <track> – <title>. Place the mouse cursor inside the textbox and add to the start of the pattern this directory definition: <directory+1>\

Your pattern now has become: <directory+1>\<track> – <title>. This is all you need! Just drag and drop to Freac the root folder of your collection and wait until the program reads all files. Then start the conversion and you will see at the output folder each and every audio file placed inside a folder structure that is identical with the source. Enjoy!