If you replaced and lost an updated file in your OneDrive folder accidentally

What a disaster! Suddenly I discovered that I had replaced the updated version of my document with an older one! Since I keep my documents on the cloud, I had nowhere the updates of my document. I realized I had lost all my changes of the last days, pages that required a lot of work, even with details impossible to be repeated. How sad!

I was so disappointed, I could not believe it happened! Desperate as I was I entered my One Drive account on line trying figure out some solution. The Recycle bin was empty, my Files contained only the older version, the one without the changes that I made so painfully.

I clicked to select my unlucky document and checked that circle at the top right corner which usually reveals some options referring to the selected file. I saw a menu appearing at the toolbar of One Drive, the last, far right, option, called “Version history”. I started to hope!

Going to Version history I discovered the One Drive has kept a lot of “older” versions, with some of them, however, being newer than the one currently active at my documents! Opening the first (top of the list) “older” version I saw that it was exactly the last, most recent, version of my document, the one that I had replaced accidentally. I saved that version in my documents folder and deleted the one that was already there. What a relief! Please do not forget that “Version history” feature of One Drive, but most of all take care to never need it!