List folder contents – structures, filter and print, with DirPrintOK

DirPrintOK is a free and powerful program that lets you preview in various ways what is included in any of your folders and folder structure. I use also tree size to find out the disk space allocated to each folder or subfolders, but tree size cannot function well as a previewer and printer of folder contents. The program’s interface is nothing exciting, but it is easy to understand and efficient.

A great feature of DirPrintOK is its filters. You can use folder and file filters to view only the types you are interested in, for instance, only images, or videos, or MP3s, etc. Then of course you can print this report or just make a screenshot to share.

Of course, normal Explorer functions such a sorting your list by size, etc, is supported and you can hide columns you don’t need. DirPrintOK is able to show and print more than 30 columns with information on your files.

Another nice feature of DirPrintOK is its ability to export folder / file reports as CSV, Excel, txt or even html files.

Download DirPrintOK