Free MP3 WMA Converter vs Efficient vs VSDC Free Audio Converter vs File Converter

I’d like to speak first about what I see first, which of course is the interface. The problem comparing these four free audio converters is that three of them are very similar, and the fourth one is invisible! File Converter (the ‘invisible’) is a shell extension, adding an option in the context menu to let you easily convert audio (and also video and images) to a format you prefer. This and VSDC Free Audio Converter accept APE files as source but not as output of a conversion, while Free MP3 WMA Converter and Efficient WMA MP3 Converter support both ways, from and to APE format.

All programs let you delete automatically source files after conversion and put new files to the same folders as source files, except for VSDC Free Audio Converter, where you are always obliged to define an output directory. Free MP3 WMA Converter is a little difficult to use, when it comes to fine tuning the output. Efficient WMA MP3 Converter is easier. File Converter is also easy, provided you know how to create a new profile to bypass default settings. Just use the plus button to add a new profile and then you can customize its settings as you wish.

If you have to choose between these converters, the real choice is between Efficient WMA MP3 Converter and File Converter. Remember that the latter doesn’t support APE as output format and is a context menu only converter — right click and select instead of drag and drop. Efficient is the way to go, unless you prefer the context menu functionality, which can be really helpful.

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