Keep, share, tag, attach, and encrypt personal notes, with KNote

KNote is a portable and free (for personal use) note taking program, emphasizing privacy: notes are encrypted with bank-grade security.

Features: KNote encrypts notes with bank-grade security and lets users decide where to keep them. Notes can be stored on a local hard disk, a flash drive, network drive or even in space provided by file hosting services;

Find a specific note using a built-in Google like search function or browse your notes by modification time, creation time, titles and tags. Notes on the same topic can be easily grouped together using tags. * It preserves the format of URLs and of contents pasted from the browser, allowing quick attachment of files/folders to a note via drag/drop or copy/paste. You can also connect different notes together using a KNote Link Button;

A note can be published to the KNote Blog. Send a private link to your friends and family to leave their comments on the published note. * KNote can be used directly from a USB flash drive.