Download X-Mouse Button Control to customize the buttons of your mouse

X-Mouse Button Control is a free utility that lets you customize the buttons of your mouse.

The program allows you to define application specific profiles, to re-configure mouse behaviour for individual applications or windows. For each profile you can set up to 5 configurations and assign them to shortcut keys or mouse buttons.

Profiles can be automatically activated as the mouse moves over a defined window or application. The program allows you to change the behavior of mouse buttons and scroll wheel.

Features: Send any keys using the ‘simulated keystrokes’ editor * Cording (shifting/combining) buttons perform different actions * Launch any windows application * Clipboard control (Copy/Cut/Paste) * Media control (Play/Pause/Stop/Volume/Mute etc.) * Capture screen (or active window) image to clipboard * Click-Drag [Sticky buttons/keys] * Click-Drag [Sticky buttons/keys] * Various support for specific Windows operating systems, such as Flip3D in Vista, ModernUI/Metro in Windows 8 and Virtual Desktops in Windows 10.

Note that the program works with the standard 5 mouse buttons and cannot customize extra mouse buttons that come with some mice. Personally I found its settings a little complicated, but I guess that if you play around a while you will become familiar.

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