Search and replace or take snapshots of the Windows Registry, with RegCool

RegCool is a free and powerful program able to perform search and replace operations in the Windows Registry (keys, values, data), or backup and restore the registry, compare versions, defragment it, take snapshots, and more.

If you are a power user and you need, even rarely, to edit the Windows Registry, you will appreciate RegCool a lot. The interface of the program resembles Microsoft Regedit, but it includes a bottom pane with tabs supporting extra features, regarding especially search and replace operations, comparisons, favorites, and snapshots (you can take a snapshot before installing a program, for example, to know any changes that might have been introduced to the registry).

Among the special features of RegCool is the ability to copy or move registry values and full keys even using drag and drop, keep a list of favorite locations, even use redo and undo functions. Tabs let you work simultaneously on several keys of the registry. Another great feature of this so impressive piece of software is the search filters available and waiting to be used, including wildcards. Of course common registry operations such as adding new keys, are available.

I seldom praise a tool so much, but Reg Cool deserves it completely. If you want to work with full power in the registry, this is a program you cannot overlook. The fact that it is free makes it even more impressive.

Download RegCool