Organize browser tabs and avoid clutter, with Tree Style Tab for Firefox

Most internet users know how fast a browser can start making your life difficult when too many tabs are open. Tree Style Tab is a Firefox extension able to solve this problem.

Tree Style Tab introduces a sidebar that shows open tabs in vertical view, the one below the other, letting their names be visible even if you a lot of tabs open. Besides that, it lets you organize them as in a tree, with links you open from a tag being placed in tabs that belong to their parent and are placed slightly further to the right, as it happens in folder tree view in Windows Explorer.

Main tabs are organized chronologically but you can also reorder them manually whenever you want to, in case you prefer a different view for your current task.

Tree Style Tab provides a lot of options that you can configure if you don’t like the default setup and customize everything according to your needs and taste.

Download Tree Style Tab