Send free SMS from your PC, even file attachments, with WhatsApp for Windows

If you use WhatsApp from your phone, perhaps you are also interested in sending messages and file attachments from your Desktop, when you are on your PC and you enjoy the comfort of your super big screen and keyboard.

WhatsApp for Windows is a free official component of that cooperates with the WhatsApp app already installed in your smartphone letting you send and receive SMS without sacrificing the advantages of your PC.

To use WhatsApp for Windows just install it and scan a Quick Response code using your phone’s WhatsApp app. After you connect your phone with your PC this way you are able to access your phone’s contact details and messaging from your desktop and synchronize them, which means that your desktop messaging activity is also reflected on your phone. This way both your phone and your PC are always updated as if they were a single device.

Besides participation in chat groups and personal chats, WhatsApp for Windows lets you also send videos, photos, and any file attachments.

Download WhatsApp for Windows