Synthesize in real time algorithmic music with the SuperCollider server and language

SuperCollider is a free and convenient composition server and language that lets you write algorithmic music. The program provides code editing organized in several tabs. Contrary to other tools, SuperCollider includes documentation on how you can use its components and functions. The interface is customizable, from font size, to full screen mode, viewing comments, etc. You can use the program to divide your work in sessions to proceed without limiting your choices.

Features: Language – sclang: Single inheritance object-oriented and functional language * List comprehensions * Partial application (explicit currying) * Tail call optimization * Class extensions * Embedded subsystems for composing patterns and signal graphs * Quarks package manager for code sharing * Interactive programming and Live Coding * Similar to Smalltalk or Ruby with syntax similar to C or Javascript * Dynamically typed * Constant time message lookup and real-time garbage collection * Functions as first-class objects * Closures are lexical, and scope is both lexical and dynamic * Coroutines

Server – scsynth: High quality accurate and efficient audio engine * Fully adjustable sample rate (192k+) and block size * Hundreds of UGens (unit generators) * Simple ANSI C plugin API * Hundreds more community contributed UGens * Supports any number of input and output channels, ideal for large multichannel setups * Multi-processor support using the Supernova server implementation * 32-bit float signal chain * Sampling buffers use 64-bit float * Fast and fluid control rate modulation * Communicates via Open Sound Control – TCP/UDP network communication

IDE / Application: Qt-based cross-platform Integrated Development Environment * REPL for “select and call” interactive programming * Qt powered GUI framework for building rich interfaces

Download SuperCollider