Automatically save and sort email attached files with Mail Attachment Downloader

Mail Attachment Downloader is a free program that downloads EMail attachments based on personal preferences, without downloading the mail. You can setup various filters to specify what you want to download. You can also setup a schedule for fetching attachments in the background when the program is running.

If you often receive pictures or movies from friends as attachments, you could setup Mail Attachment Downloader to automatically download the content to a folder on your hard drive.

If you have partners, customers or vendors sending you documents as attachments (or multiple attachments) via mail, you can simply leave Mail Attachment Downloader running in the background. When a mail arrives Mail Attachment Downloader would notify you in the system tray that an attachment arrived via mail and will give you a count of attachments since you last checked. You can then open the folder and open the content that was downloaded automatically without having to go to your mail client.

With advanced search capabilities, you can filter attachments based on who the mail is from, with a certain subject, based on when the mail was sent (in a date/time range) and more. You can use any online web service that supports POP3 or IMAP. Mail Attachment Downloader works with popular web mail providers including GMail.