Optimize MP3, convert VBR to CBR in batch mode, with MP3packer

MP3packer is a small, efficient and free utility that can modify an MP3 audio file, without unwanted quality loss, as there is actually no re-encoding done. The program can turn VBR files into CBR for use with players which don’t support VBR or lower the bit rate of a file. It can save space by storing frame data in the smallest possible frame.

Features: Can make CBR -b 320 files up to 10 % smaller losslessly (depending on the LAME version used) * Provides the ability to losslessly turn VBR files into larger CBR files to humor players which can’t handle VBR;

Includes a brute-force compression optimization option to further compress files * Supports Unicode file names and paths * Supports encoding an entire directory of files * Multi-core support * 64-bit support (precompiled Windows executable builds for 32 and 64 bit available)

WinMP3Packer is a graphical front-end to the MP3packer. Download the zip package, extract to a folder of your choice and run WinMP3Packer.exe to start using the program immediately.

Download WinMP3packer