Download free Helios, Hyperspace, Plasma, SolarWinds screen savers by Terry Welsh

You may like to use an elegant screen saver even when a friend visits you and you don’t like your screen sitting there uselessly…

The package here featured includes four impressive savers by Terry Welsh. They support double monitor systems too.

Helios, the Greek word for “Sun”, tries to imitate the generation of some impressive energy. Hyperspace can be hypnotizing as it makes you travel in space. Plasma covers the full screen with colors that blend and change endlessly and impressively. Solar Winds creates a dynamic environment with speedy fields of energy.

The screen savers are not included in setup files, they come in the bare *.scr format you can use immediately, or right click each of them to find the native Windows control options. All savers are free without any limitation whatsoever.

Download Helios, Hyperspace, Plasma, SolarWinds screen savers