Download free Euphoria, Field Lines, Flocks, Flux screen savers by Terry Welsh

Screen Savers are not “savers” anymore, as you know, modern monitors don’t need them. Still they are apps you can use to animate your life when you don’t need your monitor to work. This package contains four nice screen savers made by Terry Welsh.

Note that if you have two monitors as an “extended” desktop these screen savers run simultaneously for both monitors.

Euphoria is smooth, airy, and colorful. Field Lines are slow electrical line complexes moving impressively. Flocks are colorful shapes flying in groups resembling the flying of birds. Flux is a combination of objects that are “thrown” on the screen like some sort of peculiar rain…

No setup is involved; they are all *.scr files you can double click to run them immediately, or right click to add them to your system screen savers and / or configure them. They are all free without limitations, registrations, etc.

Download Euphoria, Field Lines, Flocks, Flux screen savers