Convert pictures to movies easily, with PhotoLapse

PhotoLapse is a free jpg to avi converter. It will convert a jpg sequence into an avi movie, compressed. The program is oriented toward creating timelapse movies.

PhotoLapse doesn’t need installation, just run the executable to start creating your movies.

With all those digital cameras around, the beauty of timelapse movies is in reach for everyone. Here is how you can do it:

Get your digital camera and set it in a low resolution (640×480). – Pick an object to make a series of stills from, like the clouds or the moon. – Place your camera in a steady position. – Make sure you are in a comfortable position because it’s gonna take a while…. – Depending on the subject and the speed of your camera, make a photo every 10 seconds or so and take as many photo’s as you like. – Download the photosequence to a folder on your PC. – Start up PhotoLapse and make your movie!