Retouch and convert your movies even with subtitles, using Quick AVI Creator

Quick AVI Creator is a free front-end for several freeware applications combined to let you convert DVD / MPEG / AVI / DIVX / MKV / MP4 / FLV / F4V / ASF / WMV sources, to AVI / MKV / MP4, by using either XviD or x264 video encoders.

The program supports up to 2 audio tracks with formats AC3 / DTS / PCM / MPEG / WMA / AAC / OGG, for conversion or direct copying according to the provided source and the desired output.

Quick AVI Creator supports up to 1 subtitle track, either internal DVD / MP4 / MKV subtitles or external text subtitles – Subripper (srt), MicroDVD (sub), Sub Station Alpha (ssa / ass) and VobSub ripped subtitles (idx – sub).

An extra goal of Quick AVI Creator is tuning the output with AvsP, letting you have full control of the generated Avisynth script, taking advantage of every feature that the Avisynth offers – preview the output, trim, resize, deinterlace, if necessary, modify the frame rate, or add Avisynth filters (such as denoise).