Access and share your files from several devices without a Cloud, using Syncthing

Why would we need Sync-thing when we have the cloud, where we store our files and access them from whatever device we like, from our Desktop PC, our laptop, smartphone, or anything? There is only one reason, and, if this is enough for you or necessary, read more and get the Syncthing; after all, it’s free! You may just don’t want to use the cloud, preferring your files to be in any device you’d like, and access them with any other of your devices!

Syncthing features a nice interface, simple and easy to use. To use this program you need to have internet access because management is possible only through the web. It encrypts your files, which means you can feel safer when you share them through the web across devices.

The program assigns to you a unique Identification you can use to invite friends and let them share any of your files.

In case you prefer to avoid the Cloud, Syncthing is an efficient and safe sharing way you may like to try.

Download Syncthing