Examine a map to find miscalculations and test its accuracy, with MapAnalyst

MapAnalyst is a simple, convenient and free program that lets you check a map and find out if it’s accurate, making sure you are not misguided by distortions or miscalculations. If you have an older map and you are not sure about its accuracy, MapAnalyst may be able to help you.

Of course, to compare your map with current valid maps, you need to load an image of the older map to the program. Loading an image should be the most easy and reliable part of the whole thing, yet it sometimes fails!

In case that the program is unable to open your image of the old map, just try to find some other image or lose all hope!

The program’s interface is not anything exciting but it’s convenient and simple, you won’t face any difficulty using it. Comparison is as simple as selecting an area in both maps and let the program apply its criteria.

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