Open, create, edit Sketch files, export to PNG, SVG, XAML, with Lunacy

Lunacy lets you play with Sketch files, create, view, edit, examine their XAML and CSS code, export them to common formats. The program is free and features a splendid modern interface following Windows 10 aesthetics.

The program lets you draw elementary shapes (rectangles, etc.) and use them to create complex designs. You can also export your work in PNG, XAML or SVG format. Lunacy creates CDN links in case you’d like to upload your works to a Content Delivery Network.

Of course you can use Lunacy just to browse and view Sketch files, but its main purpose is editing. The program lets you understand a file easily by displaying information about its parts at the side of the screen, including opacity, code, rotation, etc. You can also save or copy whatever part you like.

If you are interested in Sketch files, Lunacy is a free and exceptional program you may like to try.

Download Lunacy