Download SoftEther free VPN client and plugin

SoftEther VPN is a free (without limitations) and powerful multi-protocol VPN (virtual private network) that supports connections site to site and remote-access. Coming from academic research, the program can replace Microsoft SSTP VPN and OpenVPN, even cloning server settings to let you avoid losing time for setup.

SoftEther VPN supports EtherIP, MS-STTP, L2TP, IPsec, L2TPv3 and OpenVPN protocols and VPN tunnels for secure connections. AES and RSA encryption is supported. Setting up your VPN behind a firewall ensures great security in you want to access the network from a remote location even using Smartphones.

VPN Gate Client Plug-in for SoftEther VPN lets you protect your identity using servers relay, hiding your IP address. Note that if you download the plug-in you don’t need to download also the client, since the second is included in the package of the first. However, you can download the client only if you don’t need the plugin.

VPN Gate Client Plug-in offers the option of a new connection from inside the SoftEther VPN panel, letting you easily select VPN relay servers to use (most of them are in Japan and Korea, but there are also some in Europe and US).

Download SoftEther free VPN client or Plugin and Client