Microsoft Games for Windows Client Software

Microsoft Games for Windows Software is replacing Games for Windows LIVE. Although, at this point in time, Games for Windows LIVE can still be downloaded and installed, it will update itself to the latest iteration offered for the Games for Windows Marketplace.

According to Microsoft “Games for Windows Marketplace delivers great games at great prices and gives you access to Games for Windows – LIVE, a free online gaming service that lets you connect and play with your friends and millions of Xbox LIVE members.”

Games for Windows Marketplace is not only an online game shop, but also a Cloud service designed to foster and support the gaming community and a distribution channel.

At the same time, Microsoft leverages Games for Windows Marketplace in order to serve game updates and patches to games, in addition to letting them find titles, buy and download them. Most importantly, the company has worked to connect gamers, and not only to let them communicate and share, but also play against each other.