Download Free Vuze ( former Azureus ) Bittorent Client

Today I tried Vuze for the first time, being so far a user of uTorrent. UTorrent is a very convenient program, yet (in some versions) it has a real and strange problem, adding 25% more heat to the PC.

Vuze unfortunately is written in Java, which makes it platform independent but unable to take full advantage of the Windows engine.  The active windows are shown in the sidebar. The active torrents are displayed through My Library (and its subsets Downloading and Unwatched). Vuze HD Network offers a browsable limited directory of available torrents, and you can also search the open internet for new torrents. There are also separate pages for e.g. Subscriptions, Devices and for each active plugin.

The upper panel shows the downloading torrents, and the bottom panel the completed seeding torrents. New users are initially shown the “Simple view”, which shows only a limited amount of information per torrent. You can change that to “Advanced view”, which enables you to see more information. Contents of the most table views can be modified through Column setup dialog.

Vuze is able to import unfinished downloads left over by previously used clients (something utorrent can not do), but it seems sometimes unable to handle its resources, thus not downloading some torrents. All differences considered, uTorrent is a better client than Vuze, and you should prefer if, if it doesn’t cause heat problems – in which case better use Deluge than Vuze.

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