Insert frequent text in any program using certain keystrokes, with WriteYours

WriteYours is a free, safe and light utility that lets you insert words and phrases you use frequently, by just writing a combination of letters you can define at will.

A difficulty in using this program is to make sure you won’t associate with a phrase letters you use normally in your texts. If you associate “me” with your name, you won’t be able to use the word “me” because it’s instantly replaced with your name.

WriteYours opens in the SystemTray, it monitors what you write and when it sees a text shortcut of yours it automatically replaces this shortcut with the word or phrase it’s associated with. It is easy to backup your text shortcuts, since they are saved in a plain text XML file.

If you repeat frequently some phrases in editors, in the browser, or wherever text editing is possible, WriteYours can be a nice companion.

Download WriteYours